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Operations & Program support

Systems Change Management

In order for an organization to have the impact it desires, it is critical that the organization understand and approach its work with an understanding and appreciation of its impact on the ecosystem within which it is working. Jennifer brings her experience as a change agent, advocate, and as a former intelligence officer to help organizations visualize and understand the complex framework and connectivity of the political, economic, educational and other social strata. This awareness increases the organization’s capacity for change. 

  • Systems Change Training

  • Systems Mapping

  • Communications Planning for Systems Change

  • Resistance Management Planning

  • Community Engagement

Systems Change Management

Policy Research & Legislative Proposal Development 

J Riley Collins Consulting conducts policy research in a variety of areas including but not limited to voting, criminal justice reform, economic mobility and security, education, access to health care, and immigration. Jennifer will utilize her experience as a legal researcher and writer to answer your questions and provide you unbiased, comprehensive information. She is willing to provide on-call response  to rapid fire requests for information. 


  • Policy brief and one-pager preparation

  • Testifying

  • Bill drafting

  • Develop Talking Points

  • Conduct issue education workshops

Policy Research

Grant Writing Support

You know the problem. You want to address the situation but need resources to realize the solution.  This is where we can help.  By listening, and leaning into your vision, applying research and analysis, and working collaboratively with  you we help organizations connect their need to available resources.


  • Research 

  • Data analysis

  • Grant writing

Grant Writing

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training & Organizational Implementation

Diversity, equity, and inclusion inside the workplace are essential to the successful impact of the organization on the outside. Jennifer brings lived experiences and training to help assess the internal culture and external reputation of the organization.  

  • DEI Assessment

  • DEI Training

  • Cultural competence and consequence training

  • Organizational Equity Planning and Implementation

Diversity, Equity
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